3 Things That Will Ruin Your Speed Dating

Things That Will Ruin Your Speed Dating

Speed dating may be much easier to do than regular dating. It is because speed dating is done in such a hurry. In fact, most speed dating results better than regular dating. However, if you do not do anything right your speed dating will be useless.

We have 3 things you should avoid unless you will ruin your precious speed dating.

  • Being late. Whether you are punctual person or not, just do not be late in your speed dating. Remember that speed dating runs in short period of time. It occasionally runs within 1 hour or less. So, you should manage your time well. Being late means you cut off your time to meet someone special. Besides, being late means you are impolite.
  • Talking about your ex. It does not matter how you miss you ex or how your ex is so adorable, please do not talk about her in front of your date. You will get nothing from your date if you still mention your ex when dating with someone new.
  • Being rude. You cannot ask your date to have sex with you couple days after your date. It is rude, very rude indeed. You should be polite. You have to show that you are a good guy who is nice and responsible. Just reminding you that polite and nice guy deserves a good and gracious woman.

Avoid doing those three things will keep your position safe on speed dating. You will get a nice woman you wish to meet as if you act nicely for her.

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