Don’t Do These When Dating


Dating is precious moment of someone’s life. Through dating, a guy can meet a girl he wishes to date. Through dating, someone can find his or her true love. However, those beautiful goals cannot be reached if you are still doing these following things.

  • Too much silence. You know, too much silence means boring. You should keep talking but do not too much. Keep your talk balanced with her. Find interesting topic which can keep your conversation with her alive. You can make such a funny joke as well.
  • Pretending to be somebody else. One of the most fatal mistakes on dating is pretending to be somebody else. You should avoid it. You must show who you really are. If she does not like your real personality, she does not deserve you. Do not try to be somebody else just to grab her temporal attention.
  • Texting or making a call. You can get nothing from your date if you are still busy with your phone. A date means it is the time for you and your date to share and have fun. Just leave your phone for a moment. It will be okay.

Dating will be a good moment to know more about someone special if you really struggle for this. So please manage yourself and keep doing something nicely when dating.

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