Speed dating online and offline

When it comes to speed dating, this dating concept sounds like every guy’s dream paradise – instead of meeting girls at bars and getting rejected, these group of girls are actually interested in talking to you! You can talk to multiple girls for a few minutes, and if it gets awkward you can just wait for the time limit to pass and move onto the next girl. The concept itself may sound ideal, but since you only have a few minutes to make a lasting first impression, guys really need to step up their game and bring their best!


Speed dating offline

Fun fact about speed dating: the concept itself was actually invented by Rabbi Yaacov Deyo of Aish HaTorah, who was looking for an ideal way for Jewish singles to meet each other in an efficient way. Since everyone has a tight schedule with work and personal life, this doesn’t leave much free time for dating. So instead of wasting time on courting a single girl, you can meet multiple women in one night and see which one is the most appealing!


To take the pressure off guys, speed dating events are usually organised in a chill and casual setting, such as a restaurant or a bar. It is always awkward to meet someone for the first time, so there is a limited period of time (usually 3 to 8 minutes) for couples to talk and see if there is an instant connection. When the guy finds a girl they click with, they can pursue this encounter further by asking for their contact information.


Speed dating online

Nowadays everything has gone digital – you can even do speed dating online! If you’re looking for some practice before going to a real speed dating event in real life, you can practice talking to people on webcam chat sites such as Seek.ly or this chatroulette site. If the idea of talking to real people online still freaks you out, you can start by playing a virtual speed dating game on AGame.com. Once you get used to the idea of making brief and lasting impressions, speed dating event in real life will be a breeze for you!

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