Speed Dating Tips: Make Cinderella Story as Your Reference!

Speed Dating Tips

Speed dating is something interesting especially for those who do not have much time to enjoy romantic dating a whole night long. Talking about speed dating, do you still remember Cinderella story? Actually, Cinderella succeeded in speed dating. She got the whole attention, even love, from the prince only in hours.

You know, practically Cinderella can be your role model how to succeed in speed dating. Here the tips based on Cinderella story.

  • First Impression. Do you notice why the prince wanted to dance with Cinderella? The answer is so simple, because she was impressive. The way she dressed was so impressive. That is why you have to dress well and impressively to get the attention from your date.
  • Body Movement. Move your body as natural as possible. You know, physical appearance will get noticed much than anything else in speed dating. So, you have to train your body to speak rather than being numb in front of your date.
  • Speaking Politely. Cinderella was known as a girl with polite and sweet mouth. Referring to that, you should be able to keep anything fall from your mouth politely, even in a conversation you are not interested in. Speaking politely will impress him so much.

Referring to Cinderella’s successful speed dating story is a good way for ladies to succeed in speed dating. There is nothing to lose when you apply this method for speed dating, even if this method is not that successful. Be ready and have fun!

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