The Collar Shop

The Collar Shop offers a wide range of high quality collars, cuffs, belts, and leashes. Customers of all types can find what they need here. This is great for people who are into the leather community, fashion, or who want a memorable gift.

Many Custom Options
Collars come in all shapes, sizes, and types. This is why customers can choose everything from the length and width of their handcrafted cuff or belt to the lining materials, stitching options, and attachments, among other options. When customers have questions, they can contact the Collar Shop or read through the Frequently Asked Questions to find out how to measure for collars and more.

Many Collar Varieties
Collars come in all shapes and sizes. Customers can find not only traditional collars but also belts, leashes, and cuffs. This is a one-stop shop for people who want to find great gifts or treat themselves and their loved one.

The Collar Shop allows customers to really play around with a range of materials, accessories, and styles to find the right product for them. Find out more about The Collar Shop’s many options just by visiting the website and reviewing the Gallery. This is the chance to really make a unique collar.

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