Want a Custom Collar for the Bedroom? What You Should Consider

Custom collars are a good way to have some fun in the bedroom and give a personal gift to somebody you play with. However, when it comes to custom collars, you see more designs that are bad than good. For that reason, many people are afraid to make their own!

You don’t need to be – if you just put some basic thought into what you’re going to make. Use this guide to help you determine what type of custom collar you want to make for yourself or your play partner.

Pick Your Material

Collars come in a variety of materials, but the one you likely want is durable leather. On the inside, you can choose from all sorts of things like soft suede, faux-fur or even high-quality leather that’s soft to the touch. Collars also come unlined for a rougher feel.

Color and Stitching

The color of your collar is highly personal, and while some people like black or red, others prefer colors like pink or even green. When you order a custom collar, you also get to pick your stitching color to match. If you aren’t sure, choose white stitching, black stitching or no stitching at all.

Any Writing?

Custom collars can have writing on them, stitched in the color of your choosing. While you can write anything on them from a pet name to simply your first name, choosing something short and sweet is your best bet.

Anything too long is going to look silly when printed on a collar.

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